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Alps Electric Creates Connected Factory with Trend Micro Portable Security 2™

Alps Electric Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of electronic products, helped create their vision for “connected factories” with Trend Micro™ Portable Security 2™. Before starting to use IoT applications, Alps Electric …

Emerging Tech

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Bitcoin Satellite Now Supports Lightning Payments: Receive with RTL-SDR

Bitcoin is a digital currency based on blockchain technology, and Blockstream are a large innovator in the Bitcoin world. They have recently been developing the ‘lightning network’ which is a …


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Listening in to a DECT Digital Cordless Phone with a HackRF

Over on YouTube SignalsEverywhere (aka Corrosive) has uploaded a new video where he shows a demonstration of him listening in to a DECT digital cordless phone with his HackRF.  DECT is an …

Deep Learing

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