Alps Electric Creates Connected Factory with Trend Micro Portable Security 2™

Alps Electric Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of electronic products, helped create their vision for “connected factories” with Trend Micro™ Portable Security 2™.

Before starting to use IoT applications, Alps Electric needed to protect their IoT environment, including offline terminals, from viruses that could shut down equipment, halt factory operations, and cause widespread damage.

Alps Electric deployed Trend Micro™ Portable Security 2™, a USB flash drive solution that finds and removes viruses from terminals in standalone and closed environments, as well as from terminals that prohibit software installation. “Using Trend Micro™ Portable Security 2™ makes it immediately obvious if the terminal is safe or not. Even if there is an infection, it can accurately remove the virus, which gives us great peace of mind,” said Hiroyuki Jinbo of Alps Electric’s Nagaoka Manufacturing Department.

Alps Electric further strengthened its countermeasures by adopting Trend Micro™ Safe Lock™ (TMSL) antivirus solution, and now feels ready to accelerate its connected factory initiatives thanks to Trend Micro.

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