Richard Ku on Industrial IoT Security: Interview with Microsoft Channel 9

Olivier Bloch from Microsoft Channel 9 recently sat down with our very own Richard Ku, Senior Vice President of Commercial IoT Business & Market Development, to discuss security concerns that have arisen with the convergence of IoT and operational technology (OT).

According to Ku, “Thirty years ago people looked at security on the IT side as an afterthought and this is what’s happening on the OT side today.”

Even organizations that never gave much thought to IT security before have changed their ways in response to recent data breaches.

For all the companies that depend on secure OT, Ku wants to “make sure that they understand [how] to secure code, implement security policies, educate users, and … implement the right product [suited] to the OT environment. These are critical things that companies need to look at.”

Watch the full interview at the Microsoft Channel 9 website.

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