Trend Micro and Moxa Announce Letter of Intent for Joint Venture to Tackle Security Needs In Industrial IoT Environments

Micro Incorporated
; TSE:
), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, and Moxa Inc., a
leader in industrial communications and networking, today announced they
have executed a letter of intent relating to the formation of a
joint-venture corporation—TXOne Networks—which will focus on the
security needs present in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
environments, including smart manufacturing, smart city, smart energy
and more.

Historically, within industrial environments Information Technology
(IT), and Operations Technology (OT), have operated within industrial
organizations as isolated and independent networks, with different
teams, objectives and requirements. Organizations are full of machinery
and devices that were not originally designed for the connectivity to
the corporate network, which means they often lack the ability to be
easily updated or patched for security measures. There is a critical
need to secure these devices, identify clear ongoing ownership and to
provide a holistic view across the broadening attack surface within

Trend Micro, majority owner in TXOne Networks, identified the potential
challenges faced by IIoT stakeholders early on and has been working on
several fronts to secure the entire ecosystem, from data center to
device. Moxa Inc. brings more than 30 years experience of industrial
networking and protocol expertise. TXOne Networks combines these
strengths and responds to the growing security needs of the industrial
industry, such as smart factories that require a unified solution for
delivering deeper visibility into both devices and protocols. These
complicated environments are made up of multiple layers requiring
protection that sits in and between IT and OT. The responsibility for
the security of these combined layers is
traditionally unclear

“I’m excited about this venture and how Trend Micro continues to take
diverse yet focused growth steps that allow our teams to remain
concentrated on our core strengths while giving room to better serve our
customers and advance into new markets,” said Eva Chen, chief executive
officer for Trend Micro. “Partnering with Moxa will combine more than 60
years of expertise to accelerate our ability to view and secure the
extended enterprise including these important but often overlooked OT

TXOne Networks will build security gateways, endpoint agents and network
segmentation to secure, control, and provide visibility of operational
technology and equipment. Unlike some solutions focused solely on
protecting assets closest to the IT layer via detection, TXOne Networks
has expertise closest to the OT layer and will provide proactive, timely
and easily implemented solutions to secure the Industrial Control
Systems (ICS) world.

In addition to investing intellectual capital, funds and dedicated
headcount, each parent company lends complementary channel expertise.
Trend Micro brings an IT channel partner strength while Moxa brings an
OT channel partner strength and together these reinforce the business
model and geographic territory targets. TXOne Networks will be led by
Dr. Terence Liu, Trend Micro Vice President and former CEO of Broadweb.
With experience building both products and teams, Dr. Liu will bring
nearly 20 years of security product expertise to this new team.

“With this joint venture, Moxa and Trend Micro will position TXOne
Networks as a global leader in the industry to create effective IIoT
security solutions that help ensure IIoT applications and critical
infrastructures are secure,” said Andy Cheng, Strategic Business Unit
President for Moxa Inc. “We are excited about the partnership, and
industrial automation customers around the globe will be able to reap
the benefits of having a holistic OT/IT security solution to protect
assets and reduce operational risk.”

TXOne Networks solutions also will enable OT customers to optimize
network infrastructure for more IIoT opportunities by benefiting from
Moxa’s expertise in building reliable networks to bring more legacy and
disparate networks into one industry-grade Ethernet backbone and raising
the security level of the entire network’s communication to help
customers drive nonstop productivity and cost reduction. Professional
services will also be provided including security risk assessment,
security breach response, and access to threat intelligence from Trend
Micro Research and its Zero Day Initiative (ZDI).

“In a world where attacks are getting more persistent and sophisticated,
while organizations are struggling with skills shortage and alert
fatigue, these two groups are joining forces to successfully secure
enterprises around the globe,” said Liu. “I am excited at the
opportunities and challenges this team will tackle in the months and
years to come.”

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